8 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Sloths

Looking for the perfect gift for the sloth lover in your life?

Look no further for sloth gift ideas – we have you covered! Our selection of sloth-themed Gifts that Give Back are available for international delivery and with proceeds going to support our sloth conservation efforts – it’s a double win.

1. Adopt-A-Sloth ($60 / £45)

adopt a sloth pack

We are offering ‘VIRTUAL‘ and ‘PHYSICAL‘ sloth adoption packages – perfect as a gift!

In exchange for a donation, we will send you a full personalised adoption goodie-bag either via email (virtual) or in the mail (physical)! Choose to adopt one of our 6 available sloths today and you will receive:

  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • Full biography / history profile for your chosen sloth
  • A photo print of your adopted sloth
  • A copy of our best-selling photography book: Sloths, Life in the Slow Lane (physical adoption packages only)

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2. SLOTHS 2020 wall calendar ($14.99 / £10.99)

best sloth calendar

Receiver of the Amazon Choice Award for ‘best sloth calendar’ for the third year running!

Each month features spectacular imagery of wild sloths taken by world-renowned wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas. Here she captures some of the most intimate and rarely seen moments between mom and baby, while showcasing five different species of sloth. These include the mysterious maned sloths, rarely seen pale-throated sloths and the infamous swimming pygmy sloths! Each month is accompanied by fascinating captions written by world sloth expert and SloCo founder Dr.Rebecca Cliffe which reveal some of the latest scientific discoveries and provide fascinating insights into the previously unknown habits of these unusual animals. For example, do you know how a sloth is able to fall asleep while hanging upside down? Or why sloths may hold the secret to curing cancer? This inspiring calendar is complemented by the inclusion of a 12 month yearly planner.

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3. SLOTHS: Life in the Slow Lane book ($25 / £20)

best sloth book

This stunning coffee-table style book takes readers on an immersive journey through the jungles of South America to discover the secret lives of sloths! The story is illustrated through spectacular imagery capturing some of the most intimate and rarely seen moments, while the narrative provides fascinating insights into the previously unknown habits of these unusual animals!

“If you love sloths you need this book! The photos are amazing and its packed full of interesting information, even as a sloth lover I learned loads of new facts!”

“GORGEOUS and unusual coffee table book. Great gift for friends, family members, travelers, wildlife enthusiasts, students and of course – sloth lovers!”

“Excellent and informative book and perfect for anyone passionate about wildlife.”

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4. Sponsor a Sloth Crossing ($150 / £115)


Without a natural or artificial canopy bridge the only way for a sloth to cross a road is by crawling, which takes a lot of time and energy and leaves them very vulnerable to traffic collisions, dog attacks and human exploitation. We are constructing specialized ‘sloth crossing’ canopy bridges to make it easier for sloths to safely travel across roads and between forest fragments in urban areas.

This donation will buy the raw materials needed to construct a full single-rope canopy bridge to help sloths travel safely. If you sponsor a Sloth Crossing then we will install a personalized wooden plaque next to the bridge engraved with a name of your choice (this would make a fantastic gift for any sloth lover)! For gift sponsorship’s we can also email an information pack as well as photos of the finished bridge and plaque after installation on request.

Click here to Sponsor a Sloth Crossing 


5. Sponsor sloth-friendly trees

plant sloth trees

By planting trees through our tropical habitat restoration program in Costa Rica, you can provide safe habitat for sloths, protect biodiversity and help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It’s a triple win!

You can make a custom donation to plant a particular number of trees, and we will choose tree species that are favoured by wild sloths for you! We will then plant them in key conservation areas where habitat loss is threatening the survival of sloths. All trees are grown in our SloCo forest nursery and are monitored to ensure survival. If a tree dies, it is replaced! If you sponsor some trees as a gift, we can send a gift certificate, information packet and photos of the trees on request (just send us an email after your purchase)!

Click here to plant some trees

6. Protect 20 square meters of primary rainforest for sloths ($50 / £38)

protect sloth habitat

Habitat loss from the destruction of trees is the greatest threat to the survival of sloths. We believe that the only immediate solution to prevent the rampant and ongoing urbanization of the rainforest is to strategically buy the land and shield the ecosystem from development. 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing and protecting threatened primary rainforest habitat in the South Caribbean region (Limón) of Costa Rica where sloth populations are suffering. If this is a gift, we can send a gift certificate and information packet on request (just send us an email after your purchase)!

Click here to protect the primary rainforest 


7. Sloth Activity Booklet ($15 / £12)

sloth book children

SloCo graphic designer Cecilia Pamich has lovingly created a series of sloth activity booklets which use fun facts, activities and puzzles to help children learn all about sloths and wildlife conservation. It is perfect for use with school groups, or just as a way to keep your child entertained for hours! We currently offer two versions of the booklet in both English and Spanish in exchange for a donation of $15. 100% of this donation will go towards supporting our sloth education outreach programs for indigenous children in Costa Rica.

Click here to download the booklet!


8. Sloth Apparel for everyone

sloth apparel merchandising

Here at SloCo we work with some fantastic partner companies who sell Eco-friendly sloth merchandise and donate a portion of all proceeds directly back to our sloth conservation efforts. If you are looking for a sloth t-shirt, hoodie, bag or print, look no further:

Big Wild Thought

These guys sell a whole range of stylish sloth goodies, from t-shirts to backpacks and sweatshirts to accessory bags! All packaging is made from recycled cardboard and acid-free tissue paper. ALL RECYCLABLE!


Sloth apparel in every shape, style and size – all designed in collaboration with us here at SloCo and proceeds go towards supporting our work. The best bit – they are all made from certified organic cotton, in renewable energy powered factories and every product is designed to be sent back to us for re-manufacturing instead of ending up in landfill!

Socks For Animals 

Sloth socks that are comfortable AND help to save sloths – a double win! We regularly wear these socks inside our jungle boots while tracking wild sloths through the rainforests of Costa Rica. Team sloth give them a double thumbs (toes?) up!

Sloth Toes

We love this company! Born in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica where our sloth conservation efforts are focused, they have a unique range of sloth themed merchandise that is massively popular with visitors. They sell almost everything with a sloth on it – from pillows to clothing and stickers to coffee cups!


The guys at Animalia designed one of our all-time favourite sloth t-shirts in collaboration with Kelvin Peña known as Brother Nature. They are made of 100% recycled cotton and 5 recycled plastic water bottles each!

Animals Move

Wearing is Caring when you buy one of these sloth t-shirts! For each shirt purchased through Animals Move we will be able to construct 1 more meter of a Sloth Crossing canopy bridge.